to measure, navigate, and overcome resistance to change


Is an individual DESIRE for change one of the key reasons for challenged change initiatives?  We believe it is.  But if that is correct, what is causing it?

We believe that Attachment Theory is one of the critical missing links to organizational change success.  In the context of change models, we have identified DESIRE as a critical component to many change models and is often cited as the primary barrier to success.  We believe attachment (or the loss of ... ) may explain the challenge with DESIRE


Learn About Change

  • Understand how change impacts the individual and the collective culture.

  • Learn how to manage change more effectively.

Shape Innovation

  • Shape a new change model by interactively collecting real-time data.  

  • Assist in developing an internal knowledge capability within the organization.

Create Iterative Process

  • Evaluate the data in the context of popular change management frameworks.

  • Gain a rich data set for analyzing content and contextual validity across various change initiatives.

When integrated as a function of DESIRE, the tool will measurably increase success.

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