to measure, navigate, and overcome resistance to change


The Change Diagnostic Index© helps you measure organizational resistance to change before, during, and after a change initiative.  It provides your organization the analytical “human data” needed to implement an effective change strategy.  The  collection, aggregation, and presentation of the human data can be customized for your  organization.  

Resisting change is not a behavioral problem...’s a strong instinctual response grounded in Attachment Theory.


The Change Diagnostic Index© can be administered by one of our certified consultants or your internal change leader.


Interview with
Dr. Victoria M. Grady

The Pivot Point: Organizational Change

Consultant, lecturer at George Washington University, and co-author of The Pivot Point: Success In Organizational ChangeVictoria Grady describes how costly it really is for organizations to change successfully.  Victoria also shares ideas for improving the success of change initiatives, and for measuring and tracking how employees respond to specific actions in the process.

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