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For over two decades studies have shown that organizational change can be challenging.  Why?  . . .  Though there are several contributing factors, the most problematic one is people's innate resistance to change  . . . 

Why the Resistance?

Resisting change is not a behavioral problem...’s a strong instinctual response.
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Transforming resistance into change action

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Partnerships that bring seasoned experts across many disciplines and industries to engage and holistically support your change efforts.



Diagnostic and analytic tools to transform resistance into change action.



Publications and academic research to provide needed insight into the human dynamics that lie beneath the surface of your organization.

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For cutting-edge insights and research findings in Change Management, read Dr. Victoria Grady's latest digital article published on Harvard Business Review, the leading destination for smart management thinking. 

** New Book **

WORKPLACE ATTACHMENT : Managing Beneath the Surface

by James D. Grady, Victoria M. Grady, Patrick McCreesh, and Ian Noakes




How fast can your organization change?  How long does it take to adopt new technology?  Do things run the same when you bring in a new leader?  How does the culture evolve with new acquisitions?

There is a common thread to all these questions.  Workplace attachment or our instinctual (biological) response to attach to both tangible and intangible objects continuously throughout life.

Workplace Attachment: Managing Beneath the Surface provides the first comprehensive review of attachment in the workplace.  We explore the biological and evolutionary roots of our attachments, explain how you can find attachment behavior in your workplace, and help you proactively understand attachment behavior with your team.  

Our practical research, case studies, and story-telling will help you understand how attachment behavior impacts you, your employees, your peers and ultimately the culture of your organization.  Once you understand how people attach, detach, and re-attach to objects and elements of your organization, you will be able to create real and lasting change.   

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