• Dr. James Grady

Understanding Human Nature—Part 1, Campsites

If we look far enough back into our history, we will find some critical incidents that shaped our history. Gathering into groups by our earliest ancestors at campsites is one example. We were vulnerable to a host of dangers when exploring the new world as individuals, but many of these vulnerabilities were resolved when we began to form into groups.

A common campsite that could be defended and from which the members could forage for food was the beginning of an ability to support and sustain a group. This was also important in that it forces members to work together, and forged bonds that strengthened the sense of mutual dependence.

The groups that survived and thrived through the ages did so with members who easily and enduringly formed and maintained an “attachment” to their group. The members from those groups that best supported our ability to survive in the past are the one who provided us with the traits that still influence our behaviors today—for better or for worse… (to be continued)

Many of the thoughts that support this series of blogs originated in the book The Social Conquest of Earth by the 2 time Pulitzer Prize E.O. Wilson.

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