• Dr. James Grady

Human Nature: Unprepared for Civilization? Part 5

In the industrialized countries of the 21st Century, the complexity of our lives has sometimes proven to be disconcerting to minds that were so well suited to a more primitive life. So much of our instincts still desire the tiny, united band-networks that overcame the millennia that heralded the dawn of history. Our instincts remain unprepared for civilization.

“Humanity today is like a waking dreamer, caught between the fantasies of sleep and the chaos of the real, have created a Star Wars civilization, with Stone Age emotions, medieval institutions, and godlike technology. We are terribly confused by the mere fact of our existence, and a danger to ourselves and to the rest of life.” E.O. Wilson, Social Conquest of Earth

The instincts necessary for our primitive ancestors to survive requires the human animal to seek membership in a group. For countless thousands of years, we existed by way of membership the group, and the individual has found identity and meaning by virtue of inclusion in the band, the clan, and the tribe…

This tendency to submerge ourselves in the group is a principal source of our remaining unconscious, for as long as we remain submerged in the group, we find a certain security. But, as so often occurs today in so many organizations and so many cultures, what happens if the group is not as dedicated to us as we are to it, and we are not secure? What do we do to compensate?…

Many of the thoughts that support this series of blogs originated in the book The Social Conquest of Earth by the 2 time Pulitzer Prize E.O. Wilson.

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